Following the recent development of strategic partnerships, Mehr Gostar Pars Co. is now capable to offer a wide range of parts and services for various brand steam and gas turbines and compressors, including but not limited to

General Electric

Gas Turbines: PGT5, MS1002, PGT10, GE10, MS3002, MS5001, MS5002, MS6001

Centrifugal Compressors: MCL, BCL, PCL, SRL

Reciprocating Compressors: OA, OC, HA, HB, HD, HE, HF, HG, HM, SHM, PK

Steam Turbines: various models


Ansaldo Energia

Gas Turbines: 94.3A2, 94.2, 64.2

Steam Turbines: various models

Generators: various models

 Other brands for which we can supply parts and components are: Alstom Power, EGT, Rolls-Royce Corporation, Ruston, Siemens, Solar

 We are also specialized in the supply of most of the turbine system and compressor auxiliaries, as for example gears, intake filters, motors and pumps, valves and instrumentation.

Other available services:

Beside mechanical spare parts and components, Mehr Gostar Pars Co can also offer repair and refurbishing of various mechanical capital parts as well as service support for the supervision of maintenance, overhauling and installation of rotating equipment of various OEMs.

Mehr Gostar Pars Co is committed to become a strategic partner for any part and service need for our Customers rotating equipment




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